X-OBI Technical platform
  X-OBI solutions are based on Internet standards XML, XML Schemas, XML Signatures, Web Services, HTTP, HTTPS and PKI. These standards combined in a new revolutionary way form a powerful toolbox for creating new solutions. The toolbox can be used both for creating new products as well as for creating tailored solutions by our Professional Services department. So far X-OBI has developed a number of solutions of which two are published and available as demonstrations on the Internet.

  Purple is a secure Single Sign On (SSO) solution, that reduces the problem with many user names and passwords. Instead of user names and passwords Purple relies on signed messages to prove an entity's identity. Read more

  OBI Express
  OBI Express is a redesign of the simple, but yet brilliant (and much copied) OBI method of transferring business data between the buying and selling sites through the user's browser. In addition to OBI, OBI Express includes SingleSignOn (with Purple), signed messages for reliable messaging and many other new features. Read more