Internet and web-browsers is a wonderful technology that has revolutionized how information can be accessed in a way that was unthinkable just a few years back.  Unfortunately, security solutions have not progressed in the same pace.  An example of this are Internet credit-card transactions that essentially is just a copy of the manual methods introduced some 30-40 years ago! Purple(tm) addresses another problem that so far has not gotten an acceptable solution: How representatives from one organization can authenticate to partner organizations' web-servers.

X-OBI's Purple(tm) is a combination of industry standards and innovation that limits the current "explosion" of user-IDs and passwords that plauges both users and organizations.  Below is a simpified scheme showing how Purple(tm) could be applied to a business-to-business situation where purchasers belonging to one organization can securely authenticate to selling organizations' web-sites:


  Purple(tm) is available for the leading server platforms including SUN, IBM, HP, Linux and Windows 2000. For more information please take a look on our Purple whitepaper